Get the Best Deals from Any Van Trader

If you want to get the best deal when negotiating with a van trader, especially when it comes to used vans, here are some things you should keep in mind.

First of all, before getting in touch with a van trader, you should figure out your finances. Check in with the institution that is giving you the loan for buying a van; figure out the total sum you are willing to spend and the interest you will have to pay on it. Once you know your limits, stick to them; do not let anyone persuade you to go any higher than you are comfortable paying. Take into account the fuel consumption and type of fuel that would work perfectly for you and determine the minimum period you want to use the car for. Contact a van trader once these details are taken care of.

van traderAlso, try to find out if there are any flaws to the van models you have your eye on. Correctly identifying the flaws in a van can save you from a bad choice or provide excellent leverage when bargaining. There are a few usual flaws that some sellers may try to hide about their vehicle, flaws which do not necessarily make the vehicle unusable, but may make it more expensive than it should be.

Never settle for a model before you have browsed through enough models to get a broader view on the matter. For every vehicle that seems to fit your needs, you will find another 3 that perform better if you take the time to look into it. A good van trader will do his best to find a model that suits your needs, but, after all, you are the one responsible with making the right choice. With so many online websites showcasing so many van models, it is impossible not to get a good overview of what type of van you actually need.

When buying used vans, make sure you get the best prices by first doing a little research. Assess the actual wear and tear level of the vehicle, have a good look at the mileage and inquire the van trader about the vehicle’s repair history. Try to find out prices for other similar models and make sure to bring a printed offer with you when you meet the seller. If the van trader is trying to go up on his price, you may temper him down by showing that you can buy the same model or similar model cheaper elsewhere.

You also need to take into account the specific features that the van might come with. Air conditioning, electric windows are some of the common features. All wheel drive is a key feature that you may require, particularly with the weather conditions in the UK. On larger vans – UK manufactured ones in particular – you will require power steering. Remember to actually ask if these features still perform to the specified requirements.

van traderTest driving the van is also a good way find out if there are any flaws to the car. If you are not savvy when it comes to vehicles, bring a friend with you when you test drive the van, hire a mechanic to come with you or make sure you educate yourself in this matter before the test drive. While driving, check your mileage to see if it scales appropriately, check the dash board for any sign of tampering, test the brakes for grinding noises, check the oil levels at the start and at the end of the drive and see if the clutch and gearbox work smoothly.

Before signing anything with the van trader, look at all the car’s papers: the more the merrier. A full repair and routine service history is a boon for van insurance, as well as a very useful tool when negotiating the price.

van traderShould you be unsatisfied by the van in any way, refuse to purchase it. There are plenty of offers available, even in the used van business. It is better to spend some more time browsing than signing to purchase a van in poor condition.

All in all, keep all these aspects in mind, get informed, and you will surely be able to get the best deal from your van trader.

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